Mixed up dream of many things

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Mixed up dream of many things

Post by juewls davis 777 on Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:22 am

Hi all, I have not had such a vivid dream as this in a long time. I hope someone can help me with this one. There were quite a few different scenes in this dream. I will write it as I remember it................. I was in a large hall type place on a date. I remember this mans face very clearly even now, although I do not know him in real life. We were chatting away, getting on well. There were other people around. Then he kept telling me that I had a driving test at 1 o clock that day! I remember being confused about that! He kept saying it to me....but every time I tried to call someone and check, I went in to a slumber. There were sofas in this room and for some strange reason, every one was laying on them in the end. I think we were trapped in the room. he began to get sexual with me. I stopped him, and he became stand offish, saying that I was a nice person, but that he was not having any feelings for me. He was confusing me a lot. That I remember. Then we were all out...in like a holiday camp place......I had my two children with me and was playing with them in a ball park section of a bar. The man had sunglasses on and was sitting at a table drinking and watching me. Next out side a red car was pursuing me. It drove round and round me and up on to the pavement. The guy inside was very serious and I was a little scared. He came in to the place I was in later on...he was very cold and stern.....But wanted me deeply! He told me off for not replying him or calling him! He then suggested I make dinner for everyone. I counted 8 adults and two children. i didn't know what to cook and was paniking. he then became kinder! There was a big wheel and my two small children had run off and got in to the seats.....i managed to rescue my 3 year old, but my 4 year old was still on it, and the ride began. My baby was screaming.I was screaming for her....I was crying and crying and praying, that she did not fall out of the seats. I was telling a lady, that I had been traumatised as a child, and was worried my daughter will be traumatised for life now. When the ride stopped, I ran to my daughter, who was still screaming. and cuddled her and comforted her with words until she came round. Next we were in the house. A pregnant young girl came running down the stairs and said she was in labour. She was my good friend's daughter. My friend was helping her to give birth.....The baby@s head was out....but then she stopped breathing! My friend tried to revive her, but she would not come round. I got down to the baby and began clapping my hands loudly! She...the baby opened her eyes looked at me and spoke!!!! We were all so taken a back. it was a miracle. Please can someone make some sense out of this dream?????? Thank you Julie

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