Had to rebuke city bus

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Had to rebuke city bus

Post by slisar on Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:12 am

I was having a random dream and in one part my husband and I were in a large parking lot. It was long and narrow. On one side was the side wall of a building and the other a wooden fence. There were other people there, but I didn't know them. My husband and I were sitting next to the fence and a child about the age of 10 was playing about 50 feet from us. I saw a turkey fryer (for a lack of a better description) boiling over. I knew it was going to hit me and my husband, but then it went off like a rocket towards the child. I began to pray for her and she was fine. Just a little hot water on her. Right after that a large gust of wind started blowing. A city (keep city in mind) bus had driven up and was sitting about 100 feet from us. I knew immediately the bus was going to be blown on to us. As I start to see the bus sliding sideways I prayed out loud "Lord, please help us in Jesus' name" As the bus was fallen on top of us, the top of the bus landed on top of the fence. I ran out one side of the opening while telling my husband to run out the other before the bus fell. Once we were out from under the bus I was walking around it to get to my husband and the wind started blowing and the bus began to rock. I knew it was about to roll over on me. At that point, I was tired and mad. I stretched my hand out toward the bus and said 'STOP' 'Just STOP in the name of JESUS' The bus didn't move after that. I ran to my husband and the dream continued on and I was meeting with someone for a job interview today with the city which I have today in real life.

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