I really need some enlightening on this one...

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I really need some enlightening on this one...

Post by Pamela Castillo on Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:16 pm

I had a couple of dreams this morning but the main one I believe it to mean anything is the one I'm about to share.
In my dream my mom and I were like in a classroom all white and it had nothing inside it but the surrounding counters of a science class and I looked out the window and I saw a very strong wind like a tornado heading towards the building we were in an we were in one of the upper floor since I looked out and saw that we were up high and I ran to my mom and told her "mom a tornado is coming get down! So we were standing right in the middle of the whole room and we were like on our knees and I wa like covering her and the tornado hit us and all as if we were right on the middle of it then it went away and as we were getting up I was too tired to get up. I felt lik a strong heavy load was on top of me. As I looked up my singing(vocalist) teacher was there and I was wondering why he was teaching science I assumed he was because he was in that classroom. Then I woke up very confused about the tormoil me and my mom went through in this dream.
Yes, times in our family have been hard enough but I certainly don't want this dream to be tryin to tell me we going to go through more hard times than what we or I have already been through.

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