REPOST-Victories and Dreams

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REPOST-Victories and Dreams

Post by ree on Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:44 am

Hi dreamers!

I am seeing some great victories in the current situation with my MP
so thank you for all who have been praying. I seen real miracles and
am simply sitting back and watching my God move! The pressure of the
attack I was under has been lifted GREATLY but I am not lowering my
weapons just yet! I had 2 dreams last night after quite a big victory
time with him and I'd like to share them to see if anyone has any insight.

Dream one

I was at the home of the 2 girls that I feel have been a bad influence
on him. There was some kind of party but was just the 4 of us, and
there was lots of food, meat especially (I remember really analyzing
the meat in the dream) I was at a table getting some food and one girl
was outside with my MP talking ALOT. The other approached me at the
table and kind of semi scratched me, I said ouch, even though it didnt
REALLY hurt, it was non the less a scratch. She said to me Oh you're
alright in a real catty oh get over it kind of way. I said no the word
of sorry not You're alright. She didnt apologize and I could tell was
very jealous of me and the new relationship me and my MP were forming.
The other girl was just outside talking away, I may have felt a bit
jealous about them talking..which would reflect how I have felt in
real life.

I think at that point in the dream I heard "beware of the attack". A
bit later I was sitting on a couch and she came up and laid down, her
head almost on my lap and some hair accessories touched me, they
didn't hurt but again it was uncomfortable and I decided to move as I
knew she wouldn't care. She seemed a little `perplexed' as to why I
moved..not sure if that was genuine or not!

Dream 2

It seemed like it was in the same environment but different things
happened. My MP had gone with my brother to get me some food (Chinese)
which I guess is one of my favourite foods. My MP had told them that I
didn't like soya sauce, so they didn't used any, but then my brother
was telling me the story and he told me that he had told my MP that I
do like it, apparently my MP went overboard with the sauce when he
heard that.

We were waiting for him to come back with the food and my brother kept
going on about what my MP had bought and how good it was. But now it
was a dress. My brother kept saying its so nice Ree, wait till you see
it. I think it was like a little black dress type dress. I was worried
that he had bought too small a size for me, but eagar to see it.

Let me know what u think.


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