Kids back to streets..

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Kids back to streets..

Post by ree on Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:36 am


Some kids I work with were taken to a home. I havent been convinced
that they would last there. One in particular had me worried he would
leave and not complete the programme. I'm also praying lots about me
working with my MP and others who are getting involved in his ministry.


Had a dream that my MP came back with the 2 kids and they went
straight back to old habits and lifestyle(glue sniffing). They were
brought to a house which seemed to be a mix of mine and a friends. My
brother was there and was hanging out with the kids and my MP. The
kids were sitting on a sofa with my MP, very close to him, like a
father and his sons. One of them changed into another kid I know, a
much younger kid.

I asked if my MP was going to take the kids back to the streets (in my
mind I knew in real life he had used another persons home as a place
to 'hang out' with kids..I didnt know if he planned to stay there with
them-instead of taking them back to the streets) Before he could say
yes another girl who's house it seemed to be also said YES! WE (her
and him) are taking them back to the streets dont worry about that! My
MP didn't get a chance to answer, although I knew he agreed. she (as
in real life) was being bossy. I remember feeling I should be involved
in taking them back but wasnt (because she was) but I wasnt too bothered.

He (MP) stood up and had on a real tatty, old and thin worn out
looking tracksuit. He asked me if it was too much for him or something
like that. In other words he was asking how he looked in it. I wasnt
sure how to answer him. I could see he looked tierd, I asked if he was
and he wearily nodded his head as he got ready to leave..I seemed to
be the only one who noticed he was so tierd.

At one point I went on a 'date'. A nice guy asked me to go for a walk
with him, we talked, laughed and had a good time, just walking. I came
back in and sat in between a woman and a my MP and the kid. The woman
was a friend and she was jokingly prying where I had been. I tried to
jokingly change the subject. I think my MP smiled and was maybe semi
intrigued. I dont know if he was or I wanted him to be jealous....

end of dream.

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