Is he gonna come back?

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Is he gonna come back?

Post by dfolie on Sun Nov 21, 2010 4:08 pm

...Hope you can help me...

Been dating a Guy for about 2 months and the last time we saw each other and heard from each other was ending October. A couple of days into this month he sent me a text saying that he was in Germany (when really he wasn't, he was still in the country (UK) so then I understood it as he was no longer interested in the relationship. Last Thursday in the early hours of the morning, I asked God to show me if the man will return (come towards me) or if he has left for good (walk away from me).

...That same morning, I dreamt that I was standing at a bus stop and it was dark (not sure it was early morning or late night) and I saw the Guy walking to my bus stop, was wearing a white shirt, black jeans and white sneakers and he was looking all around to see if he could find me...I woke up and thanked God as I felt he had answered my question and wanted to know what you discern as this is the same Guy that I dreamt I was in bed with and he proposed marriage to me with no ring...and the second dream I had AFTER that was his Step-Mother whispering in my Mother 's ear telling me to marry her Son (which is the Guy). It was also revealed to a friend of mine through a dream that I was happy with this new relationship I was in. She said I was wearing a lovely bright floral blouse with jeans and was telling her about this Guy and that he had a good job...

...Will be ever so grateful if you can interpret these dreams for me please.

Many Thanks and God bless...


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