Mysterious Island

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Mysterious Island

Post by Delightful soul on Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:30 am

flood on an Island
by Delightful soul Today at 12:34 am

.Hi folks!

Hope you guys can help;

this is my dream;

dreamt I was on this island, but i thought it was the mainland...i was looking at the wildlife, ocean around me and sand dunes and then suddenly realised i needed to go home, i started to move (like i was in a car, but as i thought, i moved in my body fast like a car) I got to the end of the sand bar and realised i was on an island. There were these long ropes with hooks on them coming my way, so I turned around and saw the waters flooding in around me and the dirt road behind was flooding fast. Suddenly while I was looking back I saw a beautiful queenslander home (up on stilts) at the front of this home, there were pretty flowers cut into bunches in pretty buckets. I thought to myself "i have to go warn the people in this house" then I started to think how they could survive if they couldn't get out. I thought they would propbabley have a survival kit of food etc as it probabley flooded alot there.

I went to the house;

once inside i went through all the rooms and saw spare beds. The owner of the home was this grandma and she was on the phone organising to go to someones house by boat and make the most of the flood and have dinner at a neighbours house. It was like a party was being organised.

I went into the kitchen and her grandkids were in an anti room off the kitchen watching the computer. I opened the fridge and realised it wasn't turned on and as soon as i turned it on water started flooding it and so i closed the door and turned it off. Then I went to the anti room where the little boy (about 11) started prophecsying to me good things and he discerned stuff about me that nobody knew.

WE then suddenly were at this party near the oceans edge as the whole place had flooded but near the beach. This was a party with a bonfire and it seemed dry. I kept looking at the little boy. He reminded me of my first big crush as a kid and I kept thinking , he was going to be used mightily of God. The girl was with him too, she was about 14.

End of dream.

I am thinking that it could be a flood of the spirit. That the flowers are significant and that the boy prophesying to me is important too. I think this is a warning dream but not sure of what? In this dream I felt like I was in a special place, like I was really there. The sky looked pink in some stages, and I feel like I have been in this dream place before. I am remembering another dream as i am writing this, like a de ja vu thing. I feel like i have been in the place before but a different area of the island if this makes sense.

Hope someone has something to add. Blessings and thanks in advance. .

Delightful soul
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