What does this Mean (pt2)?

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What does this Mean (pt2)?

Post by appgal on Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:33 am

I received this dream in Feb. 2008. Setting: Some type ofconference center or retreat? First scene I was an observer in a med/large roomwith paneled walls and no windows. Therewas a table setup on the left side of the room with men dressed in militarycamouflage sitting at the table and two with automatic rifles standing besidethem. It seemed to be some type ofregistration of some sort. I rememberfeeling very uneasy and somewhat afraid of these men and feeling like this wasa forced situation. There wereapproximately 40 to 70 people in the room.

We heard a noise and walked through an open doorway intoanother room with paneled walls and no windows. I immediately noticed on the far end of the room, two men in grayuniforms (like state trooper uniforms) on the right side of the room being heldat gunpoint by other men with the same uniforms. Even though it wasn’t announced, Iimmediately felt in my spirit they were being persecuted for their faith inJesus. I was praying under my breath,“Lord please don’t let them die.” One man was shot and felt to one knee whilethe other one beside him tried to help him. He turned and looked at the crowd and said “Can’t we even say Hallelujahin this land anymore?” Then his uniformturned into a crisp white Naval uniform and he died. I looked around and no onewas moved at what they saw but seemed entertained by it. I was enraged and said “What is wrong withyou people, don’t you see what is happening?”

Then appeared in the middle of the room; a women in a blackdress pant suit with a white collar shirt. I somehow knew she was next in line to be killed and she knew italthough no one suggested it. She didn’twant them to kill her so instead of waiting, she grabbed a large devise thatlooked like a clear plastic caulk gun with a long slim container attached toit, which looked somewhat like a freezer pop filled with a honey coloredsubstance. She put it in her mouth andinjected herself and died. I ponderedthis for a moment, noting that her clothes did not turn white when shedied. Later I ask the Lord about thisand He told me she did not endure till the end but gave up in despair at 11:59in choosing to end her own life instead of allowing them to persecute and killher. In front of me stood a young black woman with solid white hair and sheturned around and looked at me and said “Well that was real, now let’s go eat.”I remember feeling heartbroken and enraged. I repeated again, “What’s wrong with you people, don’t you see what justhappened, don’t you care?” Then two young men (about 18 perhaps), passed by meand one looked at me and I saw his eyes and they looked like one possessed of ademon. Then everyone seemed to be in ahurry to get into the next room. And Ithought of the old Romans when they worked up an appetite at watching theChristians being eaten by the Lions.

I followed them into the room to see where they weregoing. This room was a large cafeteriawith white and blue walls and windows along the left side. I tried to open the windows to get out (wewere on the second floor) but none of the windows would open but seemed to besealed shut somehow. I heard a “commotion” and turned around and saw everyoneall seated at the long tables “gorging” themselves with food of all sorts. I ask GOD what this meant and he showed methey just couldn’t seem to get enough and were totally uncaring about what justhappened to anyone but themselves but were only concerned with getting whatthey wanted, getting their fix.

I turned and noticed that I was being watched by a young boyand somehow knew that he would betray me. That he knew I was going to try to escape and would report me butsomehow suddenly the fear of becoming like them was worse than the fear ofstanding up and being killed. I feltboldness swell up inside me and I decided to “make a run for it.” I looked andsaw a doorway which I thought led to a stairwell. So I looked at the boy and then ran forit. When I got there, there were nostairs there but a screened in balcony. I tore the screen off and looked down but there was no way down but tojump. So as I crossed over the balcony,suddenly a white lattice appeared (no doubt’ GOD’S provision) and I climbed itdown to the ground and began to run. Iran from house to house looking for shelter. I ran to a house and notice a young black man getting out a van that wasdropping him off (presumably) at his home. Somehow in the dream I knew him, he said “You’ve got to get out of here,they are looking for you and they will get me if they find you here.” He started to go inside and I started to cryand feel hopeless and turned to look at him and he whispered to me, “Call melater.” I told him, “I can’t call you; I don’t even have a quarter.” I beganrunning again from house to house. Itwas getting dark and I could hear the “hound dogs” barking was they weregetting closer looking for me. Iremember thinking; I was a fugitive because I was a servant of JesusChrist.

Just as I was beginning to give up, the man that I hadspoken to earlier came out of his house with a weapon of some sort. It looked like a long tree pruner with ayellow handle but the end of looked like an old ax with a rounded end. He grabbed my right arm and said, “Come on let’sgo” and I ran with him. After going totwo or three houses which we could not get in, we finally came to one that wasopen. We were inside hiding in thebasement but the owner’s came home and we were headed to the garage to gooutside and they turned the light on and saw us and I woke up.

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