What does this Mean?

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What does this Mean?

Post by appgal on Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:31 am

I received this dream in February 2008. Setting: A white walled room (similar to ourSanctuary). I was setting up close onthe left side and a woman and her daughter got up to present theirpresentation. Then the lights went dimand suddenly the room changed, the walls were paneled and it was much largerthan our Sanctuary, about triple the size. The woman and her daughter “performed” a dance somewhat like river danceand when they were finished they were laying on the floor. The crowd seemed to love it. I remember thinking how strange the wholething seemed. Then I looked to my leftand there was movie playing up on the wall and others were turned watchingit. Then a woman stood up and said, “Heylook at what my daughter can do.” Then a young girl light three candles thatwere sitting on a 3 tiered candle stick on the floor and propped up a pictureof someone. I thought to myself, “Is thisan idol?” Then I looked at myself and suddenly noticed I was dressedinappropriately. I suddenly felt theneed to repent and when I did my clothes changed again. I stood up and began to cry because I feltthe LORD say “There is no worship here.” I called Pastor Mike and ask him “What just happened in our churchtoday?” He said “Yeah I know” and began to weep for us.
When I hung up the phone, suddenly I was inanother sanctuary unknown to me but with dark walls also and I noticedsomething strange. The floor of thesanctuary from throughout the pews and pulpit and alter, there was wet dirtysand all over it. I turned to my rightand I was in yet another sanctuary with the same wet dirty sand, and yet againI turned and another sanctuary was the same. Finally I came to one and there were people in this one. I looked up and saw a sign that read“……Methodist Church.” I rememberthinking at the time, “Why am I in a Methodist church?” As I walked in I tried to tell the peoplethey were being deceived and what they were being told was not true. Then I saw a red headed man to my left withrotten teeth in a white shirt. I got theimpression he was the pastor. I pointedmy finger at him and told him he was deceiving the people and that he waswrong. The people were then in an uproar. I began praying in tongues and then He beganpraying in tongues and the hair on the back of my neck pricked as I felt the enemy’spresence. I begged the people but theywould not listen to me but scorned me. So I tried to find a way out and they gladly showed me to the door. When I walked outside it was early morningand a mist was on the surrounding mountains.

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