Please tell me the meaning of this dream.

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Please tell me the meaning of this dream.

Post by appgal on Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:29 am


The dream began with me in some sort of gathering perhaps at a church or auditorium. I did not recognize the place. I was setting in the audience and a tall blond haired woman motioned for me to join them. I was hesitant but reluctantly obeyed. When I joined her, the scene changed.

I looked and saw a large black man dressed in militia attire with bright neon blue and green face paint (like an Indian warrior). Then I looked up and saw him in a monitor like a TV set and he was reaching out to me from within it. He was shouting something to me but I couldn’t understand what he said. Then I saw him in the monitor was he was lying in the sand and his head was wounded and he was dying. He said something like “get off of me” but again I couldn’t understand all his words.

Then the scene changed again and we were outside at some sort of event. I remember thinking it was either a graduation or performance of some kind. I had my pocketbook and gave it a fling because it was hampering my movement. Someone began lining “us” up (mostly women) in rows of two. Someone came up to me (didn’t see their face, only felt their hands and arm) and repositioned me in the correct position (sort of as people do when they are going to take your picture, although I never saw a camera).

The scene changed again and all of the sudden I was in a long white outer robe to foot with a deep blue shirt underneath. I was standing in what appeared to be an open court and steps leading up to something I couldn’t see. There were objects to the right and left but I couldn’t see well enough to see what they were because the place was filled with smoke. There were others dressed like me and I was trying to keep out of the way of their steps. I felt like I was an observer and tried to stay out of the way of the procession. I was watching the scene and then saw myself worshiping with hands raised.

Then the others in white robes with blue shirts moved coming down the steps out of the smoke past me. Then I turned around to see where they were going and when I did, I turned to my right and they were coming down and around me to the right and going back up to another room/area that I could not see. When I turned to the right, I saw a large object to my right but couldn’t see it clearly enough to be sure what it was. I remember thinking it was the Brazen Laver but I’m not sure. It was very large and tall. Someone (again, I couldn’t see them) handed me a large long grain of mature wheat from behind me. I held it up wondering what it meant. Then, coming out of the steps of the area where the others had just entered, I saw very large men (angels?) coming out two by two wearing long white robes on with bright shining gold vests. They were each carrying a golden shallow bowl. I woke up so I don’t know how many there were.

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