Repost: Police, fireman and red car with little more insight

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Repost: Police, fireman and red car with little more insight

Post by MaddCB on Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:34 am

I had a dream where this automobile salvager wanted to buy my junk car for $300 and give me a brand new car absolutly free. No strings attached. To make it offical two deputies and a fireman presented me with muscle car it was 2010 doge charger and the color was a like deep burguney red. I was shocked I couldn't really believe it. that someone wanted to just give me a brand new car for my wrecked rebuilt twice car. All I remember is admiring the new car and in disbelif that someone would just giving me a car. The odd thing was the sheriff deputies and the fire man showing me all the spects and how this works. How they use the speed of the car to in chasing the bad guys or getting to emerency as quickly as possible. I wake up before I can give my answer because even in my dream the whole thing was weird.

Reality: in real life I struggled to buy my own car, my first, and then just like that I got into a car accident(no one was hurt). My car was so old that the slightest impact would cause major damage. So my accident only affected my front--tore my front bumper clean off and smashed my headlights. So before the accident I had troubles with the car, espeacially with repairs. i was just so happy to have car to get me where I needed to with out relying on other people. I had a sense of freedom with my car. I remember when i was looking for a car I went to a dealership and they had the Dodge Charger on display. It looked so powerful to me. Clearly I felt if anyone drove one they HAD to know exactly how to handle it. You can't be timid behind that wheel or overconfident. I see state troopers and police drive those cars alot these days.
Dreaming about automoblie can mean something about your life or maybe an new ministry. The car in my dream was a dodge charger(they have a symobol of a ram) my old car was 1995 nissan maxima( japanese car manufacturer)
My old a car had a dark greenish brown color. It looked like as my dad called it a "turd" color. In my dream my old wreck car is parked and the new car is parked(waiting for me). The new car was a deep burnary red color. Red has so many meanings depending on the context. Red+Ram+muscle car+autosalvage guy+police+fireman+old wrecked car=?? .."

Added note: I know I've been called as an intercessor, but I'm also an artist. A lot my anxetiy has been can the two be related? I got some stories God has laid on my heart. Actually its three stories that revolve around one verse. I still work a job(i;m not too fond of). I guess I just want the talent God has given me to be put to a better use. Right now, I'm branching forward into freelance world, but sometimes I feel as if I'm not good enough. Especially when I see my competition. I'm just want to be able to be successful(actually live comfortably) with my artistic abilities. I guess I when I looked up the symbol of the Ram(since that's dodge company symbol) I see "sacrifice" and a car usually means life/ minstery. I got a "life of sacrifice." I don't see sacrifice as positive thing. I see nothing but struggle and letting go of my heart desires, my core to sacrifice myself for others. I see that life as a lonely and painful road. Where does my marriage, my creativity, my dreams and hope fit into all that? I guess that explains my reluctance in my dream because I wasn't sure in what I was getting into, but its a like brand new car. Better then my old beat up wreaked car. With that old car now in ruins I feel so stuck in life. Stuck in a rut. When the car was up and running I felt "free" like I can go anywhere. I'm still rather confussed with this dream. I think its related to that verse that three of my stories revolved around:
Zechariah 4:6
"So he said to me, "This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty."
Can NOT get away from this verse, every story is centered around this one verse! My three main stories came to me in dreams, sometimes I write them down but for the most part the dreams were so vivid I can recall them. I was only showed the main parts that illustrated that verse so vividly and I wake up crying from the images because it was so emotional. I guess my problem is I trying to find a "balance" between "this calling" and "working for a living". My last dream is the last story centered around that same verse, and it got a little scary. Basically the dream was showing me how the "strongmen" are set up. They're nothing more then roots with little tentacles coming out them from of an upside down tree. Scary part of the dream with that root scene, but at same time eye opening. Well I babble long enough.

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