[b]Given new skyscraper apartment!![/b]

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[b]Given new skyscraper apartment!![/b]

Post by heavenlymama on Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:15 pm

Hi All

Please take a read and share what you think. I appreciate it!! Thanks

I in apartment with other people. We were being allocated an apartment each and I was offered a 2-bedroom on the corner of the building which would mean I got views of 2 sides. We were in it looking at it was open plan not yet finished. Someone else then wanted it but it had just been allocated to me. I looking at it thinking where the bedrooms and lounge would be the kitchen was a good size almost as big as the living rooms. The lounge would be the corner room looking out and the beroom would look out too. I looked out, we were high up and saw they were building another apartment building the building were very tall, modern design and were white with blue in the design, I asked the person showing us how many of these apartments were there. He said that only 1,000 people had got them ( as though it was exclusive) I was thinking to ask if they were building any bigger ones that would fit me and 6 my children. I knew there were 3 apartment buildings of 2 bedroom apartments It was as though I was buying this one. It was in a place called Alpen in north London.

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