a basket of small green fruits

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a basket of small green fruits

Post by maeroa on Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:39 pm

I dreamed 2 nights ago, I was knocking on a shipping container
and out came alittle girl who was asleep in it. I followed her and she went up to this
place like a hut but it was very high. I saw myself in the dream carrying up this basket
almost half filled with small green fruits. The little girl went back down on the other side of the hut.
I tried to get down but i couldn't, it was too high and dangerous if I tried to jump to get
down. I looked at the basket sitting in one corner.
An old man suddenly turned to me and saw I was trying to get down,
The old man just reachd below him as he was sitting at the edge of the hut's floor and pulled down what looked like a web and I was then able to get down. What I did not understand was how how the litttle girl managed to get down easily and not me.

appreciate your help in making me understand what all tis means>

God Bless

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