[b]A physical healing...and a bearded woman[/b] 2nd Post....please read!

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[b]A physical healing...and a bearded woman[/b] 2nd Post....please read!

Post by prayingmama on Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:10 pm

Hi Everyone....

I'm a bit perplexed about this dream I had the other day.

In the dream, I'm in a room that I thought to be a seperate room of a church. There was a group of us standing around a rectangular table. I was at the head of this table. I think I knew the people in the dream, but don't recall seeing their faces. I'm not quite sure what we were doing...perhaps praying. Suddenly, a black man that was in the group threw himself on the table and started writhing in pain. (I was under the distinct impression that he THREW himself, rather than fell on the table). I didn't know the person and didn't recall him being there when we started praying. Everyone at the table started rebuking a demon, but I discerned that he needed healing and received a word of knowledge that it was his spleen. So, I calmly laid my hand on him...just touched his arm, prayed a very simple prayer and he was healed! In the dream this wasn't a big deal to me...although, I gave glory to God, it was a natural occurance (no...this isn't a natural occurance in real life!!! laugh )

In the next scene, I was in another room. I recognized this room as the fellowship hall in my actual church and I was speaking with one of our Elders. She is a Pediatrician by occupation, and a real Prophetess/Intercessor.
I have no idea what we were talking about because I was totally distracted by the FULL BEARD that she had! It was a new thing to see and wondered why she didn't seem bothered by it, or anyone else, for that matter! I kept wondering what her patients thought. I woke up.

The most prominent things to me are the healing and the beard. Not sure if they're related...but this has me wondering what, if anything the Lord is saying to me.

I appreciate any and all help!


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