Found boyfriend in bed with a woman!! PLEASE HELP WITH INTERPRETATION

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Found boyfriend in bed with a woman!! PLEASE HELP WITH INTERPRETATION

Post by nmatlawe on Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:16 am

I was passing by my boyfriend's place with my 3 friends and I thought I must just knock and greet him since I'm around. I knocked for a very long time until he ultimately opened the door. He was wearing my swimming costumes and I was thinking to myself "you're funny sometimes". I went straight to his bedroom only to find a woman half naked on his bed. I was so furious, I grabbed & shoved her out of the bed. She was trying to say something but I was too angry to even listen to her. I asked her where he met with my boyfriend to end up in his bed and she said they usually see each other at school in class. (In reality my BF is not attending school he's working).

I threw her out of the house and she was begging for transport money, she made me even worse. I called my friends through the window to say they can leave me as I'm busy with something, I didn't want them to know what was going on. Somehow they noticed that there was a problem and they came inside the house. The first person they came across was that woman and they became very angry. One of my friends hit her and suddenly she her teeth were dracula like and she bit her on the neck. Her mouth was full of blood and I was also surprised.

Anyway, I left the woman outside the house to sort herself out, I just didn't care how she goes about getting the money for transport. After a while, I decided to give her some money just to get her out of my face. My BF was just quite and he ended up saying "Hey, this girl wants to get me into trouble she's mad" Oh, he made me even mad by saying that because he brought her to his house.

I was really angry and hurt.

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