Hovering Bald Eagle & Perched on a Tall Pillar

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Hovering Bald Eagle & Perched on a Tall Pillar

Post by redwomanwalking on Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:56 pm

I had this dream of a great eagle. But first, background story... the other day, my young son came running to me about a great bird he had seen in the window and that it touched it's beak to his window right in front of him. We have many birds around our property, many of them hawks. I tried to find several pics of different birds with white head to see which one he would choose and over and over again, he chose the bald eagle. My daughter had also seen one perched on the tree outside and s/he was holding prey lol.

So, that very night, I had the dream. I figured it was because I wished to know if it were a sign from God. During this dream, that was my feeling...I was trying to know if this were true. And in the dream, my daughter said there was an eagle in the back yard. I went to see and there it was, perched on a tall pillar of grey cloud...it had a nest. Next, that image disappeared and I looked above me and saw a great bald eagle appear from the right and he hovered right over me for a few minutes. I had a feeling of peace and he looked at me. In my mind, the eagle was God and He was telling me that. He hovered right above me and I fixed my attention to it. Then I could see this grey cloud pillar appear under him and it was over.

It was a very vivid dream and I truly felt the eagle's presence. What would this dream's deep meaning be?

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