five dreams in one night

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five dreams in one night

Post by MaMa on Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:15 pm

dream 1
my sister and all her co-workers were playing at a beach. she saw lots of ships and boats around them. everything was very peaceful. but a huge battleship coming toward them while all other ships and boats just disappeared. my sister was the only one saw it coming and started to running away and felt so scared. she thought a big wave would be coming to cover all the people on the beach. but somehow only a big drop of water came down from the battleship and attracted all the attention of her co-workers. my sister felt the battleship wasn't there to bring peace to them. she tried to throw some sand toward the big drop of water. the sand got suck into the water. she then felt she couldn't do anything and decided to leave while all her co-workers were all drawn to see the water. they were all so amazed.
dream 2
my sister was a little girl in her second dream. she was playing with two other kids while she felt a bad guy coming to kill them. she started running upstairs after the bad guy killed her two other friends. she pretended she was dead and laying on the floor. she was hoping the guy would just leave when he saw her laying on the floor. she then saw herself was observing the dream and not the little kid who was laying on the floor anymore. she saw a little boy laying on the floor instead. the bad guy left and didn't kill the little boy after he received a phone call and asked him to do something even more important.
dream 3
my sister wore a black and red shirt to go to a party. there were two other ladies wearing the same shirt. the two ladies were so embarrassed to see each other wearing the same shirt. but somehow my sister didn't feel in the same way. she was the first one to wear that shirt and walked into the party. and she was wearing a jacket already when the two ladies came in.
dream 4
my sister was at a butcher's market to buy some meat. she saw lots of pigs there. but she felt so sad and the people there were all so tired and sick about working there.
dream 5
the entire world was empty and dark. no one was left. my sister felt like Noah's time. God had already judged the world. my sister was crying and asked God to forgive those sinful people. thanks!

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