Very weird Dream! Matric farewell and S--y girl

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Very weird Dream! Matric farewell and S--y girl

Post by JohnWilliams on Thu Oct 23, 2008 12:50 am

Last night I had a very weird dream.
At first I dreamed I was in a department store looking for a white shirt, as I had to go to a function and didn't want to wear a pink shirt and tie with my suite. I know thru out the dream that I was always angry. My father told me where in the store to go and look for a white shirt, although I can't remember seeing him. on my way there this black man came and said something to me, for which I had a answer. next moment he started to attack me, when this other black guy came out of no where and fighted with him. I was then at the home affairs office, dressed in my suite with a pink shirt and pink tie, trying to get a passport for my father. the lady behind the counter said it is going to take a long time to get a passport, I asked her if I gave her more money, will it make things faster, to which she replied no. The strangest thing is I knew that she was in grade 12 with me. Then all of a sudden I was in a hall where the grade 12 farewell was being held. everybody has already arrived and were waiting for me and my partner. I told them that I will quickly go and fetch her. I knew she was really one babe! when I walked out of the hall my father and brother was waiting for me with a BMW 7 Series. I got into the back of the car, and my father started driving but couldn't get out of the school yard and started to crash the car into people and buildings. the car then changed into a merc C class. My brother told my father and me that there is trouble at the house as my sister started an affair with our previous cell group leader. I remember thingking to myself that that is the reason why he has been so friendly with me lately.
Then I was in a river with these 3 chinese looking girls, 2 fat and one really s--y. They were busy with a competition of some sorts. I told them that we should ride the rappets down stream. The s--y one went near the sideof the river into some sort of palm plant. while she was standing in the leaves a big black (really evil looking) snake came out of the plant and started swimming towards me. I knew that although I have a real fear for snakes, that this one couldn't do anything to me. Asif I knew God protects me. The snake never reached me.
This is one seriously weird dream as it contains lots of stuff that is currently happening in my life. and it did not feel like a dream at all. most of my dreams I know in the dream that I am dreaming but in this one I felt asif it was really happening.

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Re: Very weird Dream! Matric farewell and S--y girl

Post by daphanie02 on Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:54 am

The snake dream is interesting and very symbolic. It seems as if there is something in your life that would normally be threatening to you, but you know with Gods protection you will not be harmed. the snake not reaching you is confirmation that God is protecting you.


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