Visions of my unsaved brothers in white!

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Visions of my unsaved brothers in white!

Post by faithandlight on Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:16 pm

1. I dreamt on the 12 November 2009, while I was praying, I saw my younger brother, in an old-type prison, four walls and just a small window with black bars going across it, my brother who is now 30 years old, was as a school boy, a young boy (about when he was 8-10 years old), is in the middle of the prison, dressed in a gown -pure white gown, (like choir boys wear) full gown / to his feet! He is turning his head and looking around like a lost, confused puppy...and then this great big sun comes, its heat I could feel whilst my eyes were closed! The sun grew brighter and brighter and came right in front of the window, (the window now looked lower and bigger) and birghtened up the cell so much, there was so much light that my brother had to put his hands in front of his face to stop the light blinding him!

I prayed and God has already said that the sun is "The Bright Morning Star" -Jesus!
I have seen people in white in visions before and they have ended up saved. I know that the white is the robe of righteousness, I was just wondering if there's anything I've missed and that someone may pick up on!

2. On the 7th June 2010, I was praying for my other brother who is 34 now, and my sister in law. I saw a more modern prison cell, the ones at police stations - the ones with bars all the way from the top to the bottom. My brother (in a very white T-shirt,) as he is now,along with my sister in law -dressed in black), was standing in the middle of the cell, all of a sudden he put his arm round my sister in law, and pushed the prison door - which was unlocked, open and came out. He was smiling - very wide smile of happiness. I believe he will be saved aswell - I know he will be saved but am not sure of the other details that I think I know. For the record, my brother is quite open to hearing about God, and still shows some resistance to the name of Jesus, but my sister in law does NOT believe in God and blames God and refuses the existence of God and concept of prayer completely...bless u guys..see if I can get confirmation of what I believe! It will be interesting to know your views on this...

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