"She just gave her heart to the Lord"

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"She just gave her heart to the Lord"

Post by Delightful soul on Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:07 am

I had a dream where the Copelands were in this film and were playing characters in this film and John Copeland was attracted to this woman (played by his sister Kelly Copeland) and Ken Copeland was praying for them to not fight but had a cheeky look on his face like he knew something they didn't , he saw the tension and knew they were attracted to eachother....in the middle of all this a lady and a little girl comes in and says that her mum was ill and she just gave her heart to the Lord but the lady /nurse (worldy) said "no, this is not what happened and she was in pain before she died"....she was lying cause she did not like Jesus. I felt that the movie was made to show how wordly institutions cover up such things or rather do not see them...

Can someone please tell me what it means, when you dream about famous or well known people?

thanks in advance to all who have read or helped out with this dream...........blessings
Delightful soul
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