Dream of Indian Chief & Woman

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Dream of Indian Chief & Woman

Post by jessthebest23 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:23 am

Before I tell the dream, earlier that day I was watching a Christian program and on the program, a preacher was speaking about generational curses and blessings. After the program, they encouraged people who were watching to call in and ask for prayer. I just felt like calling in so I did. I asked the lady to pray over my family, my husband, me and my infant daughter. She prayed a very spirit-filled prayer that touched my spirit. She prayed that any generational curses would be broken if there were any in my family. I felt peace after I got off the phone with her.

That night, I dreamed I was up late. So it was nighttime and my husband and baby were alseep. I wallked in the kitchen and from there you can see out of the dining room window. I saw an Indian man, I assumed was a chief, because he had a big feather dressing on his head. He was on a horse facing sideways so I didn't see his face.
All of a sudden, a woman appeared in the kitchen. She had on normal clothes. A wool-looking jacket with an aztecan pattern on the bottom lining of the jacket. She was dark skinned, with dark hair pulled back. She was staring at me, chanting something. The feeling I felt in the dream when she was doing this was somewhat "evil". I knew it did not glorify Jesus. I started saying "Jesus, Jesus", which it was very hard for me to say. It was difficult to speak. Usually, when this happens in my dream I know there is something opposing me or what I represent (Jesus).
When I finally got it out, the lady pointed up like she knew WHO I was talking about. I felt a wind come in the kitchen then I woke up.

When I called for prayer earlier that day, I had no pre-meditated ideas of "indians" or anything really?
Thanks for your help!
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