Dream Of KKK?!

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Dream Of KKK?!

Post by jessthebest23 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:36 am

I dreamed it was night and my husband and I were awake and in the house. We had all of the lights off in the house. I peeked out the window in the kitchen, which is a view of our backyard.
I saw light, like from a fire. I thought someone had started a fire in the woods in our backyard. Then I noticed the light was coming towards our house. I saw then, that they were people all dressed in white, the KKK, carrying torches. I knew they were coming to get me?
My husband told me he had to let them in, or they would do something bad to the house. I was worried about our baby daughter so I let my husband, let them come in.
I was so scared I ran to my daughter's room and hid in the closet.
The main man, the leader, was not dressed all in white, like they were outside. He was dressed normal. He had his wife, I assume, with him. He also had a lot of young little girls. They came to me and sat in the closet with me and were trying to comfort me because I was scared and crying. Then I awoke.

About year ago, I dreamed 3 men dressed in KKK clothing were at my bedroom window on horses, wanting my husband to give me up to them. I remember being so scared.

I am Hispanic and my husband Caucasian. I have never felt like we were discrimnated against because of race. I actually feel very accepted here. We live in Alabama and have heard there are people associated with the KKK but in the next city over, about half an hour from where we live. I am confused?
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