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Post by princessarielle on Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:28 am

Hello, everybody

I had a really strange dream and would like help to interpret it. I have been praying about it but cannot seem to see what the Lord is trying to show me.

The dream was like reality. It's only when I woke up that I realized it was a dream. A friend of mine, a boy who has been asking me to marry him for the past year, came to visit me last weekend. On Sunday morning, I asked him if we could spend some time in prayer and if he could lead us, which he agreed. When he started explaining a passage of the Bible, I fell asleep and he let me sleep. While I was asleep, he started to pray but said he sensed a heaviness in my apartment and could not break through. So, he felt led by the Spirit of God to pray in tongues.

While he was praying in tongues, I had the strangest dream. I fell quickly into a deep sleep. In the dream, I woke up from what seemed to have been a long and deep sleep. I realized my little studio had been divided into two parts with a barrier that seemed to be a huge and large brownish furniture. Not understanding what was happening but realizing I had not finished my homework (I'm a college student), I rushed to my desk to do some work on my computer. When I reached to my desk, a little girl from my church showed up, I do not know from where she came because the door to my studio was locked. She was trying to disturb me and prevent me from doing my work. I was trying to fight her with no success so in a burst of anger and exasperated, I grabbed her head with my two hands and started shaking it, shouting at her "let me work! Leave me alone!"

Then, I found myself going to the other part of my studio, still wondering what was going on. To my big surprise, I saw a mess in the kitchen area. The young man (I will call Rob) who came to visit me and has been desiring to marry me in reality was there, performing a deep cleaning of my kitchen. There was water everywhere in the studio like there had been a flood but the water was clear. Rob was mopping with all his strength behind my fridge. He was dressed with a white underwear that men usually put underneath their shirt and a white pant that he had pulled up so the end will not touch the water. He was so focused on the cleaning that he did not notice I was there. There were new furniture that I did not recognize in my kitchen that he seemed to have arranged and they were all white. My window was opened (I usually do not open it because of bugs) and I observed black spot on the wall just beneath it that revealed that somebody had been going in and out of the studio through the window, which was shocking to me. I thought in the dream that Rob probably brought the new furniture in through the window but I could not understand why he was doing all that. I had never asked him to clean or give me new furniture. I was just looking at him washing in amazement and wondering what I should do and I suddenly woke up.

When I woke up, I was shocked to see my studio just the way I left it because the dream was like reality. I woke up in time to see Rob who was just about to leave the studio. I called him and he asked me if I had ever prayed in my studio before. I said yes. Then he told me he had been trying to pray but felt a heaviness. The Spirit of God led him to pray in tongues. So, he had been praying in tongues while I was asleep and I woke up just when he finished and was leaving but he told me he had not been able to break through.

I will really appreciate it if anybody can help me see clear in this dream. Until I hear from you, may God richly bless you!

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