Friend was pregnant

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Friend was pregnant

Post by faithandlight on Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:32 am

I had 2 dreams and they were short;

1. I dreamt that I was talking with one of my close friends from church, at a dining table, it was contemporary- we were just chatting & fellowshipping, when she told me she was pregnant and showed me the small bump that she had! i was so excited for her and about this new baby! I was so surprised! Then a silver tray of fruit and a fresh green piece of veg at the side of it (looked like broccoli) was handed over the table, but I couldn't see the person giving it, although I looked behind! There was also probably a 3-4 year old child standing next to me at the table for some time! A pleasant dream - what does it mean please?

2. I dreamt i received a phone call upstairs in my room in the dream and it was this faint, but very polite and courteous voice asking me for business advice and discussing something related to my business affairs - I can't remember exactly... then I put the phone down after finishing and went downstairs, and to my amazement it was my old house, and the same friend came to visit me, as I went to embrace her, my husband told me that she had cleaned everywhere for me and that everything is clean! She was still cleaning the walls with a cloth when I went over to hug her, and say thank you....she said lovingly"it's allright" and smiled. I looked at my old laminated floor and it was sparkingly clean and all shiny and glossy. I was thinking no-one has ever done anything like that for me! I was very pleasantly surprised.

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Re: Friend was pregnant

Post by piano on Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:44 am

For your discernment, discard what does not rest.

Redemption is from The Lord.
(Silver fruit- Redemption- the fruit of the believers Life in Him)
Brocolli- New and Healthy food...Christ- He is The Word that feeds us.)

Sometimes The Lord allows even a healthy thick and flourishing tree down, in order to bear the fruit of anothers New Beginning and show His Glory and Power over evil.


Satan cuts down healthy trees/ministries/priests....He burns..sometimes it happens because others around them do not follow God and destroy relationships, even when God warns them, time and again.
This happens with marriages often..covenants are broken, Christ covenants are broken.
So God ALLOWS free will of others to destroy in their evil (lead by Satan, his power, demons etc.)
BUT the redemption comes from Gods insistance to take what is evil and bring good from it.

I still have little understanding as to the reason for what I see as uneccessary suffering, (thinking of my own experiences, and different from suffering due to ones own sin....except that it refines the heart into one that can only be love, as Christ is Love.

Another woman cleaning your home-
When it all comes down to it, in the heart of a child of God, Grace, Redemption, Healing, Mercy and Deliverance is the true heart of Christ that denies oneself that He might be glorified.
It is in the mercy, forgiveness and love that He shows us that we are most greatful in serving and returning the Love He gives us to others in Him.


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