Psalm 30 "Reading the Bible"

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Psalm 30 "Reading the Bible"

Post by spitter on Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:26 pm

Standing before the congregation possibly getting ready to minister in song, or I may have sung already. I began to read the bible (a Psalm). As I read the psalm, the bishop was moved by the Holy Spirit as I was reading. His wife (first lady) stood listening. The bishop was so blessed by the reading, that he stopped me in the middle of the reading and asked which scripture I was reading from. I told him, Psalm 30 (it may have been 33) but I think it was 30. After telling him where the scripture was taken from, he reached for his bible and began to either read it along with me, or follow along as I read. When I got to the last two verses, I began to have difficulty finishing up the verses. Something was hindering me from continuing to read. There seemed to be a lot of distractions preventing me from continuing/finishing the chapter. I couldn’t tell what or who was distracting me. Each time I attempted to read, something wasn’t allowing me to read smoothly….my reading was more or less choppy. I smiled it off as I tried to finish. I just couldn’t do it.( I must say that I wasn’t upset or angry- I felt calm, but was aimlessly trying to finish reading) At one point, my bishop placed a small child (1-3yrs old) to sit on the podium (on my right) where I stood reading. I thought about removing the child, but the child wasn’t the biggest distraction. Another pastor in the church (who stood at the front) saw that the child was disturbing me and lifted the child off the podium and put him down (the child may have been a girl). Dream changed……

For several weeks now, the musicians in my church ministry have not been on one accord. There seems to be a lack of consistency in their playing. The drummer seems to be the biggest issue. I take into consideration that our drummer is only 13 years old, but he’s played very well previously. I sense in my spirit that something is wrong when it come to the drummer (he is the bishop’s son). As the P&W leader, I am sometimes hindered by the keyboard and the way he plays. I know God is not concerned about every note and key being perfect, but I do notice a difference (a change if you will) in his playing abilities. Before this dream, I recently had to be very assertive with the musicians and praise singers about putting in the necessary rehearsals at home. It’s been a challenge to say the least, but I am still praying.

Any prophetic spiritual insight about this dream? Could my dream have anything to do with what I just shared; or is there more to come?

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