Jumping over (whole) "Fish" bones

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Jumping over (whole) "Fish" bones

Post by spitter on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:30 pm

Walking down the street with various strip stores- mostly Chinese/Asian stores; I had previously walked past them, but was walking past them again because I was looking for a particular store. I was approached by a woman who asked for directions to the Chinese buffet restaurant. I pointed her in the direction of the restaurant (behind me)- she headed towards that direction. A gentleman, who was standing next to me said to me, “ there isn’t a restaurant down the road”. I could recall from memory that I had passed it on my way up. Keep in mind that there were several other restaurants where I was currently standing. But his woman was looking for something specific. I walked away and saw a nicely well groomed, well dressed African American gentleman He was wearing a black suit. He stood in one place. He appeared happy. A young teenage boy (14-15 yrs old) came to him and said, “they’re asking for mom huh?” the man said “yes”. He appeared to have been a speaker and was previously speaking to a group. I sensed that he wasn’t a good speaker because they were asking for his wife. He didn’t seem bothered by it at all. As I was walking away, he said something to me (unable to remember what was said).

The scene changed, I was now walking down a sidewalk on a familiar street in Chicago (Ridge Ave) going towards Evanston, IL. Yet it seemed as if I was in Jamaica (I recently traveled to Jamaica this Summer). I said to my husband who was walking next to me, “we’re walking on Jamaica streets” (I guess I was somewhat happy/amazed about it). We crossed the streets and I noticed a little boy was following behind me. He was somewhere between the age of 2-4 yrs old. My husband walked ahead of me, I followed him, and the child followed me. As I walked, I began to jump over small whole fish bones (they were laying all over the sidewalk- I did not see my husband jumping over any of them). The little boy was trying to touch me or catch up with me, so I kept jumping over the bones so he wouldn’t catch up with me. I wasn’t afraid. it was almost like the little boy was playfully chasing me. I jumped my way on top of a table where a pole was in the middle of it. The boy was on the table with me. As I stood holding the pole, I began to walk around the table as if I was going somewhere (away from the boy). The boy followed my every move. Then, I saw my six month old grandson strapped down in his carrier on top of the table. I began to walk carefully and slowly towards him. His car seat shifted. As I got closer to him is carrier fell to the ground. I watched it fall and couldn’t do anything about it. If I reached out to try and save him, I could potentially fall and so could the boy. I yelled out for my husband to come and help. As my grandson fell, his carrier hit the ground, and his head went backwards and almost hit the ground. I was glad it didn’t hit the ground. Then his head went forward and over the carrier. I thought for sure his neck was broken, but my grandson used both his hands to hold on to his neck. I woke up.
I pray that God will preserve my grandson and his family from any future car accidents.

I’m wondering whether jumping over the fish bones represents the end of “lack”/ or not having enough resources. Any insights?

You assistance is very much appreciated.

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