Bike, Dog, house, boyfriend, 3 kids

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Bike, Dog, house, boyfriend, 3 kids

Post by chasel27 on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:09 pm

I had where I was riding a bike down the street behind my house and there were
3 kids playing keep away with a rock. The rock was medium sized with jagged
edges. At first I wasn't sure if it was my boyfriends kids or not but it was 2 girls
and one boy and all of them were the ages of his kids. When I was ridin the
bike his youngest daughter was closest to me and that was the one he was
closest to. As they were playing keep away, I was trying to get the rock
because there was a golden retriever trying to bite my ankles. I needed the
rock to hit the dog to make him stop. Then my dreamed switched to me asking
someone to park my car for me. So when they did, they parked it infont of my
house in the middle of the street. I thought is was strange that they parked
it there but when I looked at the street I noticed there was ice from the
curb to the car and realized why they did that. But when I looked
at the car I realized that it wasn't my car but it was my boyfriends car.

Lately, I've been asking myself should I continue staying in this relationship or should I leave it.

My friend gave the following interpretation: But I'm still not sure what this dream is telling me to do. If any could elaborate, that would be great.

The bike riding makes you more vulnerable to getting hurt than your
car, which you have no access too. I believe you are not feeling safe in
this relationship. That you're riding in the back of the house make indicate
that this reality is in the background or more hidden from your
consciousness. The dream is trying to give you more awareness of the

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