Thank you Piano ! Re Fighting Demons & Dark Atmosphere

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Thank you Piano ! Re Fighting Demons & Dark Atmosphere

Post by faithandlight on Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:16 am

Thank you so much for your amazing interpretation! Praise God! Its very clear what God has been saying to me! In the second part of the dream, I was fighting and defeating the demons and then a big evil enemy and defeated them in Jesus name, now that the 1st part has been interpreted, I know exactly what the Father is saying, although evil disguises itself around me, and what appears to be harmless (the witch) actually is evil (as God was showing me) in the dream, I can defeat all evil in Jesus name, as that is how I defeated the demons and the big evil one -their leader (Satan). This was in the 2nd part. Need to keep my confidence in the power, strength and might that the name of Jesus has! Thank you again, Piano and God bless you!

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