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American soldier

Post by Sirianta on Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:54 am

Hey guys last night I dreamt of an American soldier. I'm not from America but from South Africa. I dreamt that there was a big ship that was moving on the sea and all of a sudden the ship exploded. It went right up in the air and over another bigger ship. The ship that exploded was black and the other ship was white. I witnessed this as if I was high up in the sky. The same scene repeated itself 2 more times.

Then the American army was on their way to rescue the people that was on the ship which exploded. My attention was drawn to one soldier. He had a machine on his back which made it possible for him to fly very fast over the surface of the water. While he was flying and looking for someone to rescue I was in the water looking at him the whole time at a very close range.

Then all of a sudden he was very high up in the sky attached to a parachute. There was something wrong with the parachute and he started to fall very fast towards the water. He connected the water with a big force and I thought that he was dead. Nobody wanted to look at him because his face was deformed because of the impact. I looked at him and saw his deformity and realised that it wasn't that bad and went over to see if he is alive or not. To my surprise he was alive and I started talking to him. He was very sad and started to move forward and we kinda walked out of the sea. He was on his way to his childs school. While we walked I asked him "do you remember your children?" and he said yes, while he started crying. I then asked him "do you remember your wife?" oh boy and then he started crying a lot and I cried with him. We stopped in front of the school at a zebra crossing and I stood still while he continued walking.

I then just witnessed again like in the beginning of the dream the rest of it. He went up to his little girl and she smiled at him and showed him a badge on her jacket which she got for some kind of award or something at school. She was very proud and I got the idea that he was extremely glad to see her. He went over and hugged her.

I then saw a blonde woman with two little girls and both of them also got some award, but it wasn't badges it was coloured ribbon on their jackets.

I don't know why this all played off in America and to do with an American soldier if I'm staying in South Africa. May be this dream means something to someone.

Sirianta :kissyface:
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