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Cool new invention

Post by hind'sfeet on Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:19 pm

Me, my husband, and son seemed to have just gotten stationed in Korea. We were talking to some of the soldiers in his new unit and they were dressed in dress blues and their wives were dressed for the battalion ball. The wives were acting like their husbands were higher ranking than they really were (in the dream they were lower ranking than my husband, they were putting on airs). I was looking at their dresses and most of them were wearing big pearl necklaces and I thought that I noticed how copy cattish they were, except for one girl who had on an interesting dress and she had made sure she was dressed in peacock fashion (nothing that would be worn irl).

In my dream Koreans had cars that the owner assembles. They came in a kit and they are not big at all and have no roof (forgot the term). One of the wives who was pregnant told me to drive her car and gave me this cream colored wrist control with a miniature stick shift that you drive the car from. She didn't tell me how to drive the car so I put the car into gear and all of a sudden the car takes off like a speeding bullet. I had no control over the car but it didn't go off course but instead went to the destination I was supposed to be going to. As the car was going with me in it, I was then looking down on the action viewing it like it was a map and as though I was watching from a helicopter. I was viewing this with someone else.
Then I was at the destination and I was talking to the owner and had told her what happened, but then I asked her "did you find your car?" as though I had lost her car. I forgot to add that she told me "you weren't supposed to put the car into gear!!"
So, my husband and son have one of those cars and they take off down the highway, speeding as fast as they can, but they get pulled over by the police and are arrested and I assume they were ticked. My son is only 11 irl...

The dream was really bizarre and I've never had a dream about Korea though my husband was stationed there from 08-09

I might know what the last half of the dream means but could use some confirmations and I have no idea what the first part was about.

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