Help me with this! Someone's in Danger?!

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Help me with this! Someone's in Danger?!

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:12 pm

I was in a large building with many offices seeing if I was registered to vote. Two women in this one office encouraged me to go to "ACCOUNTS PAYABLE". As I walked throughout the building trying to find the place, I passed other offices. I remember in one corner (towards my right) I saw Mr. T (my highschool choir teacher) teaching some songs to a group of people (mixed with girls and boys) The door was open and I saw people standing up singing with candles in the hands, swaying back and forth. I remember one girl towards the front of the crowd that irl was my siblings arch enemy (they both dated the same guy and a child by this man!) She had on a white t-shirt. I distinctly heard the smooth bases/baritones of the males--the blending of the voices was beautiful!!! I went into one office and a 3-foot stack of money was standing up from the ground wrapped in plastic. The top of the package was opened and this lady was standing over it with a $20 bill trying to show me what the bill represented (the bill looked new and "stood out" to me). I also remember seeing some guys (out in the lobby/waiting area and small library) were "playing and teasing" me about some books I had purchased. (One book was a large stack of printouts and the other a hardcopy). I asked the guys had they seen my books? Both men were whispering to eachother and one of the guys stepped forward with one of my books stuck to a sticky-substance on his head!!! I was furious! I just let them keep the books and ventured around to see if I could get another copy.

As I continued to walk throughout the building, I remember seeing my ex's mom (IRL I saw her 10/21/08 and I spoke to her briefly. Again she was surprised to see me, but I continued to be friendly. In recent months, this has been the most that I've seen my ex's mom. Before I had to be genial b/c he was in my presence and I wanted to impress. Now she sees me in a new light and I don't think our meetings are coincidental). In the dream, my ex's mom was chipper and she was wearing all gray (a suit). She gave me some good suggestions as of what to do (at this time I think it was a group of guys standing around). She walked down some steps (I guess exiting the building). Down the hallway, I heard a familiar voice. As I looked across the room (towards my left) I saw a woman with a bright multicolored knitted skull cap on (the colors were bold). It was covering her entire head and all I could see was her profile and her nose poking from underneath. The color that stood out to me the most was yellow. Even the little fuzzy ball at the top of the hat was yellow. Other colors that I remember seeing were pink and green (vivid). This woman was assisting some other people. I instantly recognized the voice as my ex's sister. I thought: "OH, She's back at her old job again!?" (the same place she was employed with when me and her brother were dating). I decided not to go over and say hello.
I finally tried to leave the building that was enclosed in glass to get back to ground level. Everytime I tried to find a door, there wasn't one. I finally passed by the foyer/lobby area. When I went out on the deck area I looked outside and it was snowing but it wasn't cold to me--kind of refreshing (I went outside with no shoes on, my toes were freshly painted reddish/pink) Outside it was a reddish-brick, cement platform and surrounded by small pebbles of rock. I attempted to go over the edge but I realized I was a little too high up so I decided to retrace my steps. I was going to go back inside when I saw my ex's mom's car sliding on its right side up the icy road! OH NO!!!!!! I hope she wasn't hurt! Was she okay? I knew I wanted to assist her in some way.

*note: knitted cap looked like a mixture of these two caps (similar to front cap on second picture); ex's
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