Elvis singing about Hollywood.

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Elvis singing about Hollywood.

Post by Delightful soul on Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:34 pm

I had a dream I was editing a long film - I had a feeling it would be a full length feature film. In this dream, it was like a documentary with different shots of people,some talking, but lots of shots of women standing at bus stops, some were friends I know, some were girls I went to school with all grown up.

Then there was a black and white shot of Elivs playing his guitar and he was singing the way he used to but he was singing a song that he never sang IRL. He sang these words "we're all going to Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood" and kept repeating it.

THis seemed the only thing I heard in the dream.

IRL I am editing a short film but haven't looked at it for days so I don't think it is from this but feel it is significant somehow.

I hope someone can help. Thankyou folks in advance.
Delightful soul
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