Woman with 3 eyes in El Paso

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Woman with 3 eyes in El Paso

Post by virtue3125 on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:57 pm

Hi everyone. I haven't posted in awhile as I have been trying to seek the Holy Spirit and not others, but feel led to post this dream....

I was at an airport scrambling to get a male on the plane to El Paso to return there. I think it may have been someone's son and I'm not sure of the age. I don't remember if we missed the flight, but my mother-in-law (who currently lives in El Paso) wanted to talk to me. Next thing I know, I am in her hospital room talking to her and she has 3 eyes. At that time, I don't know what she said. I left, but don't know where I went to. She beckoned for me again (somehow, I think she told someone to go get me) and I went to talk to her again and my youngest siste-in-law and another lady were standing outside her room as if they were guarding a gate. I was in her room talking to her and she wrapped her arms around my body, but to strangle or squeeze the life out of me and said, "Die "Virtue3125", die (the name of another person I went to school with when I was younger)". Then I woke up.

Upon waking, I thought about the connection that the other person and I have and the 1st and only thing to come to mind was our Church of Christ membership. I am a bit troubled by this dream as my mother-in-law is a born-again, Holy Spirit-filled Christian.

Any takers? Thanks in advance!

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