What is going on with my husband!!!

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What is going on with my husband!!!

Post by chatia on Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:34 am

I have had 2 dreams one I posted the other day and now another both involving my husband. I have no idea what message I am suppose to get from this.
Dream: I saw my husband in this room with 2 other men. The one man I recognized the other I did not.. It appeared to me to be a meeting of some sort. The man I did not know was having a discussion/conversation with my husband. I did not hear and of what was spoken. The man left the room. Mys husband was in the room with the man we know. (I do have to say this man was our Pastor at one time) It was though they were talking about what my husband and the other man were discussing. I felt as though my husband had some type of decision to make and the man we knew was perhaps giving his opinion on this. When the other man entered the room the talking started again... I felt that my husband was siding with this man#1 but something that was said to him by the man we knew had him change his mind. Man #1 asked him if he thought about it and what did he decide.. He told the man he agreed with man #2.. Man #1 looked puzzled and a bit disappointed. But when I saw man #2 he had a smile on his face..
I hope the Lord speaks to someone loud and clear. I just need to know what is being conveyed here.. I don't know if the other dream I posted a few days ago has any connection. It was titled "My husband is sleeping with my sons girlfriend"...

In His Love

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Re: What is going on with my husband!!!

Post by Delightful soul on Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:55 am

Some thoughts;

perhaps your husband irl is going to be propositioned by a stranger to you with something (not sure what), but your husband will go with wisdom (your old pastor in the dream) and make the wise choice.
Delightful soul
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