Possible Manifestation: Flying over foot race

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Possible Manifestation: Flying over foot race

Post by Paul RT on Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:49 pm

I was flying without being in a plane or any obvious form of propulsion over the top of a group of runners or a walking race. Most of the participants were wearing red and white with the logos of either the Salvation Army or my favourite rugby league team, the St George Dragons. The logos on their shirts also spoke about ANZAC Day, which is an Australian national event commemorating the sacrifice of soldiers from World War I.
I accelerated past all of them and approached a spectator stand filled with mature aged or elderly people, which is when I stopped and caught two straw hats of some of the spectators. I felt elated and honoured at their applause, but I don't think that the applause was directed at me, but the racers, and they didn't seem to see me.
I then travelled back and was alongside a short pitch with teams of race walkers who were in team colours including on team in blue.
The racers were right alongside a bus lane and I was trying to warn them of the dangers of being so close to the buses.
Again, I think my advice was being ignored.
Possible manifestation:
I think the meaning of the dream is that IRL I have been warning my church's leadership about the fact there hasn't been any Elders appointed for some years, and have felt that I'm not being heeded

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