Two Gold Balls

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Two Gold Balls

Post by vince merc on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:50 pm

October 28, 2010 Rose and I were at a mansion somewhere of a very rich family. We were looking around at all the amazing things in this place. The Grandfather of the family was still living and he of course was the owner of everything. His family was divided into two groups. I can only describe them as the greedy selfish group and the generous giving group. The greedy group was at odds with the giving group. The grandfather liked Rose very much and gave her a very valuable gold ball. The part of the family that was very greedy was upset that Rose had the gold ball, but they couldn’t do anything about it because grandpa gave it to her. He was now very sick and not expected to live long. It was clear there would be a major family division as soon as he died over his estate. The giving group was so happy that Rose got the gold ball and wanted her and me to go over and see the other group to show it off. The greedy group was having a big picnic discussing what they would all get when grandpa died. They knew about the gold ball, and when they saw Rose and I coming towards them they were mad we had it and asked how we got it. When we told them grandpa gave it to Rose they were mad, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Somewhere, another gold ball was found in the family possessions. When it was, the giving group was so happy and they showed it to grandpa. He gave it to his grandson, who apparently was heir apparent. This grandson went running over to the greedy group to show them this other gold ball. I thought he would keep it for himself, but instead, he told the greedy group to come together and he was going to throw it up in the air and whoever got it could keep it. There was a room full of these people and I was standing in the very back on the right side of the room. For some reason I was allowed in the room. I remember thinking that there was no way it would come my way because I was so far back and in the corner. The grandson threw the ball straight back and it hit the back wall. It rolled on the floor my way and all the people were screaming and jumping for it, but it rolled right in front of me. Amazed, I picked it up and left the room. The group was very unhappy. When I went running over to the other giving part of the family they were so happy. Now Rose and I had the matching gold balls. For some reason the gold ball was in my mouth and with my mouth open, I could see a hole in the gold ball. We ran to tell grandpa who was sleeping on a couch. When he woke up and saw that we had both the gold balls he was very happy. Then I woke up.

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