Baby boy in the water

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Baby boy in the water

Post by unaday* on Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:08 am

I know that the gift of dreams runs in my family. My mom had a dream and would like to know what you all think. It is written in her own words:

I was at a pool side with my daughter's husband and his mother. We were all relaxing. My son-in law was swimming around in the pool. Me and his mom were out of the pool relaxing. The water in the pool was beautiful and crystal clear. Out of the blue a baby boy between new born and few months old slid into the pool. My son in law's mother saw the baby and screamed out. We all turned to see the baby sinking to the bottom of the pool. My son in law mother screamed out to my son-in law to save the baby. Right away he dived to the bottom of the pool to save the baby boy. When he and the baby surfaced the baby floated on his back by himself and gently hit my son in law in a way to tell him to leave him alone he can handle himself in the water.
When i woke up it felt like a good dream. Also, my daughter's husband cannot swim in reality.


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