Spiders and a Bottle of Water!

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Spiders and a Bottle of Water!

Post by nubava on Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:25 pm

I was in my bedroom and in my bed. There was a TV in my bedroom (which in real life I do not have). There were two very small spiders running over my bed, to be precisely over my blanket and I was trying to get rid of them. There were really small and were moving very quickly with their tiny and thin legs, so I couldn't catch them. I was not afraid, I was just wanting to get rid of them. There was also one more very small insect with them. Those spiders were like those small insects which you can see from time to time walk on a house's or apartment's walls and they bring more annoyance than they really are. Does this make sense?

Anyway, these spiders suddenly appeared in the bottle of water. (IRL I keep a bottle of water at my bedside). When I looked at the bottle of water, I thought that the spiders spoiled the water. I was a bit worried about the water as it was an expensive bottle of water, I guess it was a Fiji water. And usually I am not kind of person to waste water or food just in vain. I saw the spiders on the surface of the water, on top of the bottle, they were dead already and I thought that it was not good that they spoiled the expensive bottle of water but at the same time it was worth it as the spiders died in it. The third insect was under the bottle of water.

End of dream. :hmm:

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Re: Spiders and a Bottle of Water!

Post by Delightful soul on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:53 pm

Sounds like the spiders represent pests in the spiritual.

So the water perhaps represents the water of the word and also the revelation.......cost of spending time in the word. (cost of the water)

I just woke up this morning and there was a spider in my bed by the way. So I killed it! I was amazed at how my head as i was asleep was in the driection of where the spider was, so when i woke up I didn't have to move my head to see it! What pests they are, but I am thankful that God protected me and it sounds like God is protecting you too and warning you to get rid of the pests in your life, whatever they may be to you.


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