Girl, Bus stop, odd people

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Girl, Bus stop, odd people

Post by celeste on Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:09 pm

Hello everyone - thank you so much for this site.

I was in the backseat of our car with a little girl and my husband was driving. He drove to a gas station and dropped us off. I was taking care of someone's daughter and it appeared as if I was taking her home. She appeared to be around 3 or 4 years old. A little on the pleasantly plump side, very pretty, with white flower barrettes on her hair. She had on a white dress and white sweater. I don't recall what my husband or I was wearing. We got out of the car and went to the bus stop. I believe my husband and I exchanged goodbyes. There was a grayed toned to my dream as far as color. There was a gas station on each of the three corners with mini-marts, so the southeast corner, the southwest corner, and the northeast corner. I don't recall anything being on the northwest corner. The little girl was very happy and very well mannered and seemed to just be happy that she was with me. Just for fun we walked a half block south while waiting for the bus. As we began to turn back a man appeared, a Caucasian man, that didn't look well kept, he had shaggy hair, said eyes, he was smoking, I believe and he had a white shirt that was not tucked in and I believe very old light colored jeans. He was carrying a briefcase or book bag of some sort. He appeared very serious, yet as if he didn't have very much money. He also wore glasses. We didn't feel threatened by him in anyway. As we were walking we heard a woman's voice. She was very upset and asked the guy why he left her. She was crying very hard and asked him to please promise her he would come back to her. She had the same appearance as him and almost identical clothing, she just had long hair. Both had brown hair. I believe she wore glasses too. And I think she smoked as well. The man finally said okay, or some one word answer and she stopped crying so hard and began to say how happy she was, then she turned the conversation again into a huge crying session, asking him repeatedly to promise he meant what he said. We heard this conversation behind us. I had only turned around to see them. The little girl seemed unfazed by the whole thing. I looked up and a shiny, very nice looking black truck pulled up to the bus stop and a man got out and for some reason I said there's the bus driver. A woman was driving with short, layered blond hair and tanned skin. The truck was so clean and shiny it really stood out. There was a symbol in the middle of the back window. It looked like to feathers on each side with some type of symbol in the middle, maybe the shape of a flame, and it was a silvery white color. The woman put on her flashers while the man got out, then she drove away. The man sat on the bus stop looking straight ahead the entire time and folded his arms and relaxed his position. He was very hip looking. Neat, trendy clothes, between 28 and 35 years old, jeans, and the only facial hair he had was like the bottom part of the goatee. I never saw him turn his head. There were two other people at the bus stop sitting on the bench next to this guy but I don’t recall all their details. Shortly thereafter a white bus, clean and shiny and new looking appeared on the left side of the street. I said, “Yay there’s the bus.” However, the bus stopped across the street from us and then switch lanes and crossed the street to the northeast corner and picked up passengers. It never stopped at our stop. I stood there thinking oh it must be going to a different route. I woke up shortly after that.

Also, before this dream, I had another dream where I was shown a woman and I was told, beware this woman, remember her face, she is trouble. She appeared to be African-American, wearing all black, she had her hair twisted up in a chignon and a few strands fell over her forehead. She had a stern look about her and I only saw her from the side, her profile. Later, in that same dream, and for some reason I don’t recall the details as clearly, but I think this woman had done something wrong and then it was revealed that’s why I was warned about her. There was another woman in the dream involved, African-American as well and I believe they were both involved whatever they did wrong.

I prayed for an interpretation of these dreams as they seem warning in nature. I pray that the Holy Spirit reveals the meaning. Thank you to everyone.

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