Dream about a house again?

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Dream about a house again?

Post by Rochelle123 on Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:59 am

I had a dream that I was in my bedroom in my house praying with two female friends who's faces I can't remember now. Suddenly a piercing high pitched sound came and started to make us dizzy, and we realised something was not right, so we started shouting the name of Jesus. Where the other two friends went, I don't know, however I was thrown to the ground because of this sound and paralized. Suddenly, in my paralysis, my body was being spun around and around.. then it stopped, and everything went black. When I came to, I got up and found LOADS of different types of people all over my house, faces I didn't know. They had made a complete mess of my house (and normally I'm a very tidy person). So i started screaming "get out, in Jesus name! Get out!" However no one was paying a blind bit of notice to me.. I went downstairs and found the smae thing- old and young people, smoking, drinking, shouting, and downstairs, they had completely redecorated. I was feeling so cross and confused, so I walked out of my front door, and a little way from my house was a large group of people. I looked at them and was drawn to them, so i walked over and they were greeting me with such warm, loving and Godly arms.. they weren't my family and i didn't recognise any of their faces, however they made me feel peaceful and safe. Through a clearing in the crowd of people appeared a woman, and she singley came up to me and embraced me. She then said to me "I was so cross when we were looking for you and couldn't find you... you have been gone for 5years..". In astonishment I looked at her and said "what??", afterwhich the dream ended.

I would appreciate if anyone could help with an interpretation that they feel has been led by the Lord. I have prayed about it, and feel that this is important, however still haven't caught the revelation of this dream. Thank you.

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