A sip of wine.

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A sip of wine.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:11 pm

I feel lost on here it is all different and lost its color..

Anyway blessings.


I was at this this hot spot where everyone went shopping it was in the country like. It was a tourist attraction and I was with my spiritual mom and her husband. There were all these wine tasting rooms. There was a lady who was going to minister in one of the wine tasting areas and I knew who she was in the dream but not when I woke up. Anyway I had a taste of wine with my spiritual mom while I was waiting for this conference to go on. When the conference speaker entered and started to speak the word of the Lord I could see she had missed a word in the Bible. So I spoke out loud and I said you missed a word. She took me aside and I said you are mad because I had a sip of wine? She said no, I just don't like people. I thought this is strange why is she speaking then. I felt funny from one sip of wine like in my head I changed no one understood me and I became so different I lost my spiritual mom and her husband amongst the buildings. I ran into family who were drinking wine in one of the rooms and they said what is wrong with you. I said something like I took one sip of wine and now I see and hear differently and no one understands me and I cannot find Jeff and Marie who are my spiritual Parents.

Gee any insight?
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