what does god want to tell me?

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what does god want to tell me?

Post by jlm1632 on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:03 pm

I forgotten I posted this dream on yahoo groups. I was wondering if any of you can look at this and give me your honest opinon of it. I know it sounds weird but maybe it might get it off my mind once and for all. I didn't tell you much background information on my male freind.

His name was David. he was very special to me. He helped me through a very tough part of my life and still is. I knew him almost a year when he passed. he was only in his 30's. It was sad how he passed. I don't talk about it much. It was very volient and vulgar. (if you would like to know more details just e-mail me) I dated him breifly and we ended up just staying freinds. I always hoped for more though. I figured with time just maybe that might happen. I loved him so much. I remember the way I met him. He found me. He was an honest person. first guy I ever met besides god and my dad that never lied to me. he was very spiritual. This one surprised me. I would be talking to him Friday about something concerning my life and on sunday the sermon would be about the same exact thing we we talking about that Friday. that really amazed me. I knew then he truly knew who the lord was. he says he didn't know the scripture by heart but he enjoyed reading the bible. I asked what he liked most and he said all of it. I think he was there for a reason. he was there for me through the first holidays without my dad. when I had a problem with something I always talked to him about it. He also reminded me many times over about my faith when it would get shaken to keep believing. So many things I could tell about him. he was so much like my dad. I could talk to him about anything. We were a good support system for another. I lifted him up when he needed it and he was there when I needed him the most. I also admitted in an e-mail the day before he passed that loved him just as he was. Deep down I knew he loved me but I felt still I needed to say it. Here's the dream...

I was leaning against the bathroom wall near the shower. I looked tired and just
plain worn out. I couln't feel it though. Then I flash again to leaning against
the wall but this time I had blood coming out of my right nostril. I was hearing
my male freind calling my name but I couldn't answer it. It like I couldn't talk
but only in my mind.I tried getting his name out but it just stayed in my mind.
he was coming upstairs to my room. the light was on in the stairway. I had no
idea he was coming it was a surprise to me. Then I flashed to me collapsing to
the floor in the bathroom. I was wearing all black. my hair was up and glasses
not on. After I collapsed I felt nothing and coulnd't get up. it was almost as
if I might have died. It ended Then I awoke aburptly and saw a vision of my male
freind carrying me down the stairs. It looked like I might have been asleep but
I had no expression on my face. I looked quiet. It looked like I had no life in
me. I got no feeling from the image. he looked sad and also was wearing all
black too. He looked down at me and saw my face. my eyes were closed and face
ashen. Maybe I was at peace possibly?? (not sure) he looked he was having no
trouble carrying me. he got about two or three steps and vison ended. I felt no
pain or emotion in the dream or vision which was really weird.

This dream has perplexed me for months. Thank you in advance for any insight you may have for me.

God bless

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