Partial manifestation: park/slide

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Partial manifestation: park/slide

Post by redeeminglove on Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:25 pm

Part 1: I dreams that my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend worked with me (in real life, a former boyfriend started working at my place of work a month ago). In the dream, it turned out that they were married, and shared a mail box. I did not know they were actually married.
I kept leaving my work department and harassing his wife through a window and getting friends to join in in the harassment.
Part 2: The next thing I know, I am leading some kids down my aunt's old street. There is a park with slides, but in order for us to get to the park, we had to walk through some fences and through peoples' yards. I knew that we would get in trouble if I did not ask if we could go through the yards to get to the park. I asked a lady in a front yard (there were a few other ladies there) if we could come through her yard. She said yes, and we went and played on the park.
Part 2 Manifestation: A lady with a little girl came to work (i work at a pool) and her daughter wanted to go down a waterslide that was currently off (the park in my dream had slides). I told the lady I was going to have to ask my boss if I could turn it on, so I did and she did not mind at all (there are 2 fences that must be opened to get to the stairs of the slide, just like the fences in the dream). There were my 2 other bosses in the office when I asked, making 3 ladies (spoke to a lady about going through her yard to get to the park and there were other ladies in the yard).
Part 3: I am standing on what seems to be a tour bus.
That's it.
I think the mailbox is a message to me that my former boyfriend will marry his girlfriend and I need to learn to be loving and kind to her. I currently ignore her and him, and my coworkers tease me when I have to work with him. So, I need to obviously play about my heart condition about my former boyfriend working with me, and being lovely and friendly to both despite how they treat me.
I keep seeing buses. I am unsure what the bus means.
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