4 yr old dream to the day needing interpreting

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4 yr old dream to the day needing interpreting

Post by NITA on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:52 am

Hello, I am new to this forum so hello & God Bless everyone!
Four years ago to the day, I had a dream that my daughter who was 12 at the time were outside & I had picked up some seeds for a vegetable,(I think they were green zuccinni). I went to plant them in the ground and on my way to plant them I put a little water on the seeds and before I could get them out of my hands they started to grow into this bulb like zuccinni plant and then all this corn silky like stuff started growing on it and then all of a sudden & really fast these bulbs started to grow around it, and I looked at my daughter and said "Look at how fast this is growing right in my hand and I haven't even put it in the ground yet!", and then simultaneously the plant started to attach itself and growing into my fingers, and I could literally feel it. So I started to pull the vines out of my fingers and began digging holes quickly into the ground in order to hurry up and plant the bulbs because they were coming out so fast and then all of a sudden the bulb like one started growing out skinny whole zuccinni and then on the other side of the same bulb it started blooming this big beautiful yellow flower and then around the entire middle it started growing pre-sliced zuccinni, and so right then and there I bit into the slices and then there were these this pastry like puffs growing out of it. So I then bit into that and it was airy tasting like nothing was in it. Then all these oval like eggs started coming up out of the soil and the faster I dug the more these egg like things kept coming. So I kept planting them and then I started to squeeze them to see what was in it or how hard they were and when I did this they just squished in, like nothing was in it. So I just planted them & covered them in the ground and more kept on coming up. Then after I woke up my bible was open to Psalm 85 v. 11-12.
I have been asking God for the last 4 years for the interpretation and to the day, I found ur website. So please if God is speaking to anyone, please share.
Sorry for the long post, thanks and God Bless! =)

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Re: 4 yr old dream to the day needing interpreting

Post by Delightful soul on Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:12 pm

I really believe this is about increase. And he is giving you increase in your gifts....(hand) They will blossom and grow (flower)

Has this happened in the four years since the dream?

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