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Post by Delightful soul on Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:39 pm

This is an old dream I had when I had just broken up with a man who I had sinned against God with. At the time I felt very disappointed in myself as I initiated everything and believe that I did the wrong thing as I never knew how to put up boundaries. I often have wondered if the dream was an actual vision or encounter as it was sooo real.... please have a read folks and let me know what you think.


I was in this womans flat and she had black hair, tall and her hair was short, but very wavy. She was slim and her boyfriend was with her and they were similar in looks. He was tall, slim and had black hair too and he was very nice looking. They were there as though they were giving me advice while they were cooking a meal together. He was at her house. I could feel my mother's presence there but she was now gone and as I sat at this woman's table she began to share about how great her relationship was with her man. She also began to give me advice and she was so happy in her home and relationship. She said to me "you know what works for us?" as if to suggest she knew about my lack of boundary problem with having men in my house. And I said "what?" She said " I give him 3 strikes and he's out"...she then began to explain that she would allow her boyfriend over for a meal and then when they were talking afterwards and were relaxed in eachothers company that after a while when she felt it was time for him to go, she would gentley hint to him that it was time to go and that if she had to tell him 3 times to go that the third time she would be really firm and say "OUT!". He knew then this was time to go.


I really felt from this that I had met with this woman for a reason in the spirit as my past relationships had little boundaries and I did not know how to approach the whole thing with letting my boyfriend into my place and how to put boundaries up with the whole, time to go home thing.

Last year my place flooded and so I had to give up my flat and move back in with my family and so now I feel that I am safe so to speak. I am not in a relationship but have been concerned that if I get back into one that I am not strong enough or know what to do when things get complicated. I don't want to ever get back in that situation of necking and stuff where it gets out of hand and I do the wrong thing. This sounds like I am a novice but really I have had a few relationships and every time I have allowed things to get too steamy and well, I felt this dream was an encounter and instruction from the Lord on how to avoid compromising situations...

Any comments, thoughts anyone??
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