I'm a born again Christian woman who divorced early this year.

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I'm a born again Christian woman who divorced early this year.

Post by malwelad on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:56 am

I had a dream about a man after meeting him for the very first at the church conference. It was like i was walking in the mall with three friends and all of a sudden we decided to go separate but one of the girls was went alone as if she does not want to see us. When I was walking towards the other entrance I saw this man facing East direction. I insisted on helping to get to place when he should go. On the 3rd attempt he agreed. After a while it was like he came back and I was sitting with the small baby at the restuarant and wearing a white shirt. We then decided to have sex and he went to his car to fetch the condoms but he never came back. i then decided to go home only to find that he was there first and he has renovated the house and refurnished the bedroom suite with new furnisher and white linen. The bathroom was also renovated and the water running on the bathroom floor was sparkle clean.

The thing is me and this we don't have any relationship after he just changed when i asked him if he was ok.


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