Yet another newbie with a dream!

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Yet another newbie with a dream!

Post by childbygrace on Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:27 am

Hi all,

Im Ginny.

I have always been taught to ignore dreams as they fall under the category along with horoscopes, withcraft, etc. However, I am in a valley in my life and cant help but wonder if my recent dreaming is a sign from God.

I had a dream many, many years ago. In the dream there were 7 tornadoes in the horizon. I was frantically trying to call my mother in the dream. I felt the need to save her. The morning after this dream my mother suffered a stroke and died. Her death devestated me and I spent the next 7 years battling intense anxiety and panic attacks, which were so chronic that I couldnt leave my own house and most own bed. During these years I went on to bury my brother and father. I also gave birth to my 5th child and went through a divorce from an alcholic man.

After the seven years, my life seemed to normalize some and I remarried a wonderful man. Then there was the dream of tornadoes...again. In both of the above dreams I was frantic and trying to save my loved ones. In real life I ended up burying a 16 year old daughter and my husband. Needless to say I am now terrified of dreaming about tornadoes.

Recently I went through a bad time (doctor decided to cold turkey me off meds that I had been taking since the death of my daughter in 1999, that threw me into terrible withdrawal) and my children tried to intervene but their efforts landed me in jail for a ticket that I supposedly didnt pay. I have been housebound for 30 days, unable to drive until I get this resolved through the courts. While in jail I felt that the Lord was ministering to me and I ended up sleeping the entire 52 hours while my children managed to find the money to bail me out.

However, since I have been home I have had 2 dreams of tornadoes. I am terrified. My sleep has been so severely affected that I have literally had to sit up in the bed and rebuke satan. My mind is filled with so many biblical questions that I know are not of myself, but rather of satan. There is definately a struggle going on here!

Last week I had a dream that I was taking someone somewhere, I dont know who is it was in real life. Anyway, there were clouds forming in the sky and there was a tornado warning so I decided to pull over to an old antique store that was the sturdiest building in this small town in my dream. In this store was an old stove that I recall seeing before in another dream. This stove had a large ball on top of it that heated, however , it was inoperable the first time I saw it. In this particular dream though, someone had refurbished it so that it could recieve electricity. In the dream I was standing next to the plug when I noticed someone getting ready to turn it on. I remember listening to the wind blowing in my dream as I yelled for them not to turn the knob. They turned it anyway and the power arced, sending the current into my right hand and right foot, where I could see actual burns that went to the bone. The wind finally subsided and we were on our way again. However, when I woke the burning sensation in my hand and foot stayed most of the day.

Then last night I had my final dream of a tornado and this one has me questioning its significance. In the dream I had gone to the college with my 31 year old daughter (who is really making arrangements to go to college). I wanted to enroll in classes but was told that I couldnt due to the fact that I had dropped out twice (I was attending college and dropped out twice as both times that I really did attend, my daughter and husband I did drop out).

We were driving down a road that is famiar to me. I cant recall if we were on a motorcycle or in a really old pick-up truck, or both. It seems that we started out on a motorcycle and ended up in the truck. Anyway, my daughter was hollaring that she needed to use the restroom so I pulled over at a station, in a small town. I stood inside of what seemed to be a lounge area in a building that was a home/business. I looked out the window and saw the dark clouds approaching. I hollared out " touched down!" The tornado formed quickly, touched the ground and then disapated. The skies stayed gloomy but my daughter and I ventured on anyway.

As we drove down the road we came upon an area of old railroad tracks that were really in bad shape. And instead of driving over the tracks, we had to travel in the direction of the tracks. In my dream I was explaining to my daughter the history of this area but I dont remember now what it was that I said.

Then we approached an old country church, which I stopped at and we went in. I was disappointed that the children were all dressed in Halloween costumes and tried to explain to the parents that it was wrong that they would allow their children to celebrate this holiday. However, I did take time to enjoy the children, explaining to them that they didnt need to dress up like ghosts and witches because God had already given them their natural faces, which he loved. After that, it was as if we were church hopping, pulling into each church along the way.

Then I woke.

I think the thing that absolutely is bothering me about these dreams are that they were both in black and white, which I dont recall ever dreaming in black and white before. And there were things that were basically the same in both dreams. Old town, old buildings, tornadoes and I was driving an old vehicle in both.

Can someone give me some insight here?

Thanks in advance....

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