gruesome and highly detailed dream!

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gruesome and highly detailed dream!

Post by kellsy2004 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:19 am

hi everyone,had a terrifying dream a few days ago:The dream had an eerie atmosphere to it and it was dark and evil windyness.This lady had a child and she lived in a house,there was this music teacher who teaches kids,11 0r so kids.Right behind this lady's house is this huge block of flat and some nasty people lived there.At various part in the dream,these evil people kidnapped some of the kids,and the music teacher went about rescuing them one at a time,and the fights were so vivid and the deaths of these evil people so gruesome,it was like I was watching a horror movie,and the last scene I saw,was one of the evil people had one of the kids and I saw the music teacher killing the this evil woman-the evil woman was taunting the mother of one of the kids,she was moving seductively,piercing and cutting herself with a knife and just insulting the mother,suddenly the teacher appeared and strangled this evil lady three times,and took a knife and drove it into the back of her head.I woke up terrified,it was too graphic...what does it mean?is it some sort of warefare.The dream seemed like i was watching it happen...thanks for anything that enlightens.
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