I'll need help with this one

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I'll need help with this one

Post by awesomegod16 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:55 am

I'm afraid I will need a lot of help on this dream.
The fact that I can remember all of it is pretty amazing seeing that I forget at least some of my dreams. I was standing in the hospital room. I was standing up and laying in the hospital bed was a man I didn't know. He had tubes all around him and doctor's were working on him. To the right a little way off were these tubes that were connected to his body. The tubes were long and sort of wide but they weren't in front of his body but off to the side. He was unconscious. I do not know what happened to him or why I was there. I seemed to be connected to him for some reason but I don't know if the tubes that were connected to his body were connected to mine or what the connection was. I just know I was standing there, not moving, not doing much of anything. A family member of his came to visit him. I assumed she was his sister. She brought presents in a box there were filled with new clothes. At that time when she was there, the man opened his eyes I think in response to her being there or he just woke up. I saw him open his eyes. I didn't know his condition or if he had been in a coma or what. But his sister was there or someone I knew that was related to him. She brought me clothes too, but I don't know why. The next thing I know I was sitting at this huge table. It seemed like a table at a home. Around the table were members of this man's family with his mother being present. I was sitting there and so were everyone else. I wasn't conscious of the man's father being there just members of his family. I must have sent a card or written out one because the mother was so taken up with what I wrote that she wanted me to read it to the family. The card was an odd shape and long and I opened it up and saw my handwriting in it. They were also involved in some sort of strange ritual with these holes in the table. I didn't know what that was about. I read the card I sent and then to my right one of his sisters hugged me. I remember she had beautiful red hair and I was going to tell her how beautiful she was but I didn't. Right after that dream I was dreaming about this woman who was helping me get into school. I knew she was powerful and authority. I didn't know who she was but she stayed with me and was encouraging me. She was going to pay my debts. She emitted a feeling of love and peace.
These two dreams, I' m not sure if they go together. I am not sure either if the man in the bed represented me or someone else. I have been praying about this dream since I woke up. I know that the tubes meant something; the fact that I was connected to him somehow; the clothes his sister brought; the table I sat at; the card I sent; the sister I sat next to; and her red hair.

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