Rushing Water

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Rushing Water

Post by sswallace08 on Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:32 am


I rarely remember my dreams but when I do they are often a little weird, for lack of better words. I would like to know possible what this dream meant, it was relatively short. I was in an office building, tall that kind of favored the twin towers. I was working and I had on a gray business suit, I was alone in the building when all of a sudden waters came crashing into the building, as if it were a tsunami. I said to myself, "why would this happen to me while I am in such a tall building?" I remember being afraid because I thought the building was going to fall but it never did. I proceeded to run downstairs but all of a sudden I was in my grandmother's home (who died a few months ago) and my younger brother was with me. There was still flooding outside but all of a sudden my best friend from high school was beating on the back door for me to let her in so she wouldn't drown. I remember noticing that she had on unusually short shorts, considering that there was a flood outside. As I was opening the door for her my brother was standing directly behind me (I remember in the dream feeling uncomfortable because he was standing so close). When I opened the door to my friend, no water from outside came in to the house, she told me to wait one second while she went to search for her homework. Then I woke up.

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